BAUER Pratama Indonesia supports villagers


Indonesia – To ensure the survival of Indonesia's rural population, P.T. BAUER Pratama Indonesia, a subsidiary of BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH, donates 50,000 euros for food to those in need.


The Corona pandemic mainly affects people in the villages of Indonesia: Many have worked in the cities as taxi drivers, in factories or as casual workers, for example. As there are currently fewer and fewer jobs in the cities, they are forced to return to their villages, but there has been a massive shortage of food.


“BAUER Pratama Indonesia was registered in Indonesia since 1992 and now we feel it is the time to support the population in this unprecedented time”, says Managing Director Anthony Setiawan.


The fund will be given to PT Bima Andalas, an appointed company of the military, which is responsible for purchasing and distributing the goods in packages. With the donation, about 5,000 families can be supplied with urgently needed food, such as rice, sugar, cooking oil and noodles.


This help is urgently needed, because the situation is likely to get worse, as the villages in the remote areas around Jakarta, in West Java and the outer islands have only a limited number of hospital facilities, medical staff and equipment, and medicines.


In Indonesia, just over 10 percent of the population currently have full vaccination protection. By comparison, in Germany it is almost 60 percent. With the donation, the company is assuming social responsibility in such a difficult time.